Youth in Japan – We Need You!

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Youth in Japan – We Need You!

Ask anyone: Hiring in Japan is a challenge.

In the face of deflation and an aging population, the post-war Job for Life corporate culture is crumbling as corporates try to keep rising costs down by offering contract or part-time jobs to younger employees. Only a staggering 50% of graduates managed to secure a permanent position in 2016, so once they do, they are not likely to let this unparalleled job security go easily.

The practice of preserving ‘cushy’, well-paid jobs for more senior employees appears to have had a knock-on effect on the youths of Japan. Those who were born from the 1990s on have only known a prolonged economic depression that was caused in parts by the global financial crisis and devastating effects of the tsunami and nuclear disaster; many say this has created a deeply rooted psychological impact of conservatism of saving and not spending. Some also say this has crushed their ambition – that amongst the youth there is a general air of resignation and low-key apprehension; that risks (in the form of entrepreneurship or going down a different path) should not be taken and the holy grail is to embrace – with an almost cheerful outlook – a lifetime of yen-pinching and dead-end jobs.

In our fast-moving industry, we are constantly on the lookout for internationally-minded, adventurous and positive individuals. And in many parts of the world, top graduates are jostling to join this exciting and attractive industry without excessive brooding over every aspect of the role.

But here in Japan, there appears to be a reluctance to move into roles such as those with large-scale sporting events because they see them as non-permanent. While there is inevitably an end date (as with ALL jobs), jobs with events like the Rugby World Cup and Olympic Games and all the associated suppliers and agencies provide incredible exposure to the crème de la crème of marketing, technology, fan/consumer engagement, logistics, operations and more.

All industries benefit from employing a diversity of employees, but if we do not get the leaders of tomorrow engaged today, there is no hope for sustainability or a buoyant sports market.

So if you are young at heart, your ambition has not been crushed, and you are excited about Sports and Entertainment opportunities in Japan, we need you!

About the Author

Helen Soulsby is the Managing Partner, APAC for SRi, an international management consultancy and executive search company specialising in sports, media and entertainment market.

Leading teams throughout the region, Helen’s role is to drive performance and growth in the Asia business through partnering with clients to deliver executive search assignments, as well as advising leadership teams on their talent strategy. In the Japan market, Helen has worked with many international clients on establishing and building local teams and consulting on overall market tactics.

The SRi Asia team has built a reputation as the leading business to deliver multi-hire projects that enable businesses to launch in the region with maximum impact. Helen can be reached directly at or +65 6536 6634.