SRi Report – Innovation in Sport, Media, and Entertainment

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SRi Report – Innovation in Sport, Media, and Entertainment

Our landmark report into innovation, co-authored by Springwise, looks at the disruptive changes affecting these vital industries, trends for the year ahead and some exciting start-ups to watch in 2018. To set the scene, SRi’s Ashling O’Connor asks how businesses of today can keep pace with rapid changes driven by technology and digital-enablement.

Future-proofing: it’s what all modern companies want in disruptive times to counter the unknowns – both known and unknown, to paraphrase former US Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld.

Business leaders are trying to build in as much flexibility as possible to adjust to the technology that has not yet been invented, the competitors that do not yet exist, the products they cannot yet visualise and the potential revenues that cannot be forecast.

A term born of the construction industry, it has become a catch-all in our line of work for executive leaders who can help their employers not only stay ahead of the pack but, in the most challenged reaches of our industry, stay in business.

“Find us a leader who can future-proof our company”, is a regular call to arms by clients in all our global markets. There is no sure way to do this, of course, given the pace of change and the scale of new possibility created by digitally-enabled economies. Any business more than five to seven years old, which is most, is facing similar cyclical and structural challenges coupled with the legacy issues that do not burden their start-up rivals.

But we can help our clients by connecting them with new trends, exciting tech and emerging start-ups of relevance to their businesses.

With this in mind, we turned to Springwise, whose unique network of 20,000 ‘spring spotters’ collates real innovations from real innovators in real time. By partnering with them, we could give our clients a peek inside the most pioneering laboratories, university campuses and start-ups in every country in the world.

This report is only a snapshot of what is disrupting and delighting in media, entertainment and sport globally. There is much more innovation to come. Over the course of this year, through a series of seminars and round-table discussions, we at SRi aim to keep our clients connected and informed about emerging IP, entrepreneurs and investors. We will track exciting new technologies around AR, VR, and XR, new products driven by AI and robotics and the new gladiatorial arenas created by esports.

Our clients cannot be everywhere, and nor can we, but we can bring them closer to the frontlines of innovation so they will know better what future-proofing truly means to them in 2018.

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