New Rules – The Transfer Window and Understanding the Growing Role of Agents in Football

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New Rules – The Transfer Window and Understanding the Growing Role of Agents in Football

A report by The Association of Sporting Directors, in association with SRi, 21st Club and TransferRoom.

Agents are playing an ever increasing influence in the game, with a material impact to club operations. Recent activities have challenged normal practice to such a degree that every major segment of the games governance has put ‘the role of agents’ on their agenda. Later this year it is anticipated that FIFA’s task force will meet and submit their review of the current state of play, as the Premier League did in their most recent shareholders meeting.

The Association of Sporting Directors second members meeting debated the group’s views on the current landscape and options to contribute to new ruling. During the course of 2 days the discussion looked at how the influence has grown, the benefits as well as the challenges of working with agents, and the priorities in regards to any changes to current regulation. The group debated a number of solutions, from the radical to the subtle, and considered how other industries had worked through similar issues.

An overview of the key anchors in the debate are presented in the report which can be downloaded in full here.

The Association of Sporting Directors

The Association of Sporting Directors (ASD) is a not for profit association which aims to professionalise and promote the role of Sporting Directors within professional football.

The core objectives of the ASD are to:

  • To bring clubs together and enhance relationships through the membership of Sporting Directors and other key staff within the technical departments.
  • To enhance communication between members and their respective clubs.
  • To develop and share best practice.
  • To enhance the professional status and the role of ‘Sporting Director’.
  • To provide support for members by other members.
  • To provide additional professional support through appropriate external associations.
  • To provide opportunities for continuing professional development to members.
  • To develop and engage through a voluntary code of conduct to enhance the role of ‘Sporting Director’.

These objectives will be furthered through the provision of regular ASD events, similar to the Transfer Window Review summarized here. These interactive day sessions gather together Sporting Directors and key technical staff from an array of clubs to discuss the key issues, share best practice and leave with ideas for possible dynamic solutions moving forward. The focus is very much on the practical day to day challenges of the role.

For further information on ASD, contact SRi’s Global Football Advisor Mike Rigg directly here.