The Gold in DTC: Driving Lifetime Customer Value – Executive Summary

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Growing lifetime customer value is both a science and an art involving tech stacks, IP, people and corporate cultures. Whether companies are natively DTC or in transformation, tech platforms or IP owners, DTC success has never been more relevant and competitive.

SRI’s Head of Digital Media & Technology, Keith McAllister facilitated a webinar this month with an expert panel of leaders:

  • Derek Chang, Former CEO, NBA China
  • Hannah Yang, Head of Subscription Growth, The New York Times
  • Paul Rehrig, GM, Eurosport Digital, Discovery
  • Soumya Sriraman, CEO & President, Britbox
  • Warren Schlichting, Former Executive Vice President, Group President, Sling TV

Six core themes emerged from the discussion:

  1. Who are your best customers?
  2. DTC in China – monopolistic or customer-centric?
  3. The transformative impact or organisational structure
  4. Is product or technology the golden goose?
  5. Is content the key to customer attraction?
  6. The big tech paradox

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