10 Key Guiding Principles for Organisational Design

Helen Soulsby, SRI President, supports leaders with delivering effective organisational design. #SRIFutureReadyTalent

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Helen Soulsby, SRI President, Global Talent Consulting, has developed a framework to help leaders deliver effective organisational design. As a starting point, here are 10 guiding principles to consider when looking at re-organisation.

Many of our clients are toying with re-structure and re-organisation of their business, most recently due to rapid growth and a renewed emphasis of ways of working. Hybrid working models have particularly exposed structures and working practices that are simply not able to support an organisation to be truly ‘future ready’.

Covid in particular gave rise for an increasing desire for clarity over roles and reporting lines – the ‘organisational chart’ being seen as the panacea for all organisation challenges.  In our experience this desire has been born from two things: poor performance, or a natural instinct that, ‘we could be doing better’.

Unsurprisingly, it’s not as simple as a new chart. Organisations are not 2D drawings; they are a complex mix of behaviours, processes, operating models, decision making and of course, people.

As a starting point, we’ve developed 10 Guiding Principles for Organisational Design to consider when looking at how to bolster your teams’ performance.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth read, check out our Q & A with SRI associate Penny llston, who dives deeper into the process here.

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