How can Web 3.0 elevate the future of work?

Helen Soulsby recaps on her learnings from All That Matters, Singapore, unpacking key opportunities within Web 3.0 for leadership teams.

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Watch as Helen Soulsby, Managing Director, SRI, reflects on the key takeaways from All That Matters, sharing actions and considerations for leaders hoping to get one step ahead of the future of work, via Web 3.0.


Can your company cope with the future of work, or will it need to incubate or innovate? Here are the themes that you need to consider to get ahead:

  1. Learning and Development
  2. Decentralisation and Creator Communities
  3. Personal Experience
  4. Reverse Mentoring
  5. People & Culture
  6. Purpose

Thanks again to the phenomenal Nutan Singapuri and Scott Levy for such an impactful conversation. Looking forward to #MATTERS23

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