Why new CEOs fail

Helen Soulsby, SRI's Managing Partner, Global Consulting, and Gabi Harrison, Global Coaching Associate, discuss four key support areas needed to accelerate your new hire's success

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No one would deny it. The appointment of a CEO is a critical and costly business. To mitigate the risks, (and reap the reward), we’ve pinpointed key actions and initiatives that will go a long way to accelerate your new hire’s success.

We understand that the appointment of a new CEO can be an extensive and costly process… You secure the perfect candidate and then what? The stats are startling; without the right infrastructure in place to support your new hire, many will fail.

We spoke to our network of CEOs from the converging worlds of technology, media, sport, retail, telecoms and more, to understand how to effectively manage the transitions of incoming business leaders. Our research unearthed four key areas of support, which when adopted into your onboarding process, will help to accelerate your new CEO’s success.


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Why new CEOs fail

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