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Creating future ready organisations

How can you respond to the need of your customers and evolve the way you work?

In 2021, 85% of top 30 companies plan to make bold moves across talent and 63% across their organisational structure. People are at the heart of performance.

Now more than ever it is time to reshape your organisation, invest in people and drive the performance of your teams.

Our Services

Organisation design

COVID-19, digitisation, globalisation; all have contributed to disruption and highlighted opportunities for the future.

SRI creates future ready sport, media & entertainment organisations. We bring 20 years of industry insight and work with leading organisation design consultants to help you transform your workforce.

The results
Swift and effective decision making, more agile teams, highly motivated employees and a stronger bottom line.

Succession planning

The direct cost of an unplanned replacement of a senior executive is 10 times their salary according to Harvard Business Review.

Identifying and developing successors for critical roles within your business is essential for ensuring business continuity through planned and unexpected change.  As important is the identification and development of high potential employees within your organisation.

The results
Reduced recruitment costs, risk mitigation and retention and engagement of high potential employees.

Remuneration benchmarking

Much more than ‘just a number’. Our remuneration benchmarking service not only provides a complete breakdown of packages in order to compare salary and benefits across comparable roles but can also form the basis for essential market entry strategy for your organisation.

The results
Innovative incentive packages and enhanced talent retention. Accurate budgeting and additional talent insight for market entry activity.

Talent pipelining

It’s time to get ahead of the game. Disruption and evolution across our industries are driving the need for future ready skill sets and competencies. The case for a diverse workforce is clear and our industries are under-performing in this area.

Our Talent Pipelining service delivers relevant, engaged, diverse candidates for critical or future roles.

Board assessment

Significant shifts in strategy; spotlight on integrity and diversity. Boards are under more scrutiny than ever before. Gone are the days of self-assessment being enough. Independent, objective evaluation is essential to success.

The results
A diverse, fit for purpose, future ready board, focused on performance.

Leadership team coaching and team optimisation

People are at the heart of your success. How do you drive sustainable high performance across your teams.

Psychological safety is the one constant. We work with you to build self-awareness, team awareness, dive into team dynamics and ultimately build psychological safety across leadership, functional and regional teams.

Our Methodology

Our consulting services support organisations through change, growth, consolidation, rationalisation and acceleration. We are immersed in your world and our work reflects it: contemporary, practical and dynamic solutions to accelerate your performance.


Unrivalled sector knowledge, global experience and dedicated research teams enables us to uncover your core challenges; quickly.


Our access to 20 years of talent, organisation & performance related information from multiple sectors & geographies enables us to inform analysis and apply to your context.


Evidence-based, clear, focused and contemporary recommendations with clearly defined success metrics enable you to make informed, performance accelerating decisions.

Hearts & minds

Complex stakeholders, conflicting priorities, change and challenge: together we build influence and create consensus.


Shoulder to shoulder with you we ensure you maximise impact and deliver results.

Refine & review

Our review is based on the pre defined success metrics, because your success is the measure we care about.

What our clients say

"SRI was instrumental in advising WWE on our human capital strategy in China. Their network in the sports, entertainment and media business proved to be wide reaching."

Jay Li
VP, General Manager

"The difference is their truly consultative approach. They have been invaluable in their advice and consulting work as we formulate and evolve our growth strategies in the region."

Jim Small
Senior VP International

"SRI’s talent pipelining work was swift & comprehensive. It gave us a crucial overview for key c-suite hires. Their ability to build talent pipelines from complementary industries enables companies to be ahead of the talent game, with access to the very best talent on the market."

Derek Chang
Former CEO, China

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Associate, Global Consulting
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Find out more about our specialist sectors

SRI has specialist global teams dedicated to the transformation and growth of specific industries. Learn more about SRI’s work in converging industries:

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