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Chief Marketing Officers take Centre Stage Across the Global Sports Industry

Once upon a time, marketing budget and marketing talent was often high on the cut list when sports organisations faced tough times.  Marketing chiefs in the 2000s, often led by less measurable focus on brand and communications and with chunky agency budgets, might have been high up the CFOs ‘at risk’ list during a pandemic. […]

The Covid Communications Conundrum

Although lockdowns are abating in some countries and economies are spluttering back to life, we are still living in unprecedented / challenging / uncertain / catastrophic (delete or insert adjective as you see fit) times. Reputations of many companies are on rocky ground; having to deal with layoffs, economic struggles and work force challenges like […]

How to thrive as a remote control CEO

Jay Hussey, SRI’s CEO, North America, speaks with David Krajicek, who recently joined automotive business intelligence supplier JATO Dynamics as CEO, on how to survive and thrive as a CEO leading remotely.  

Realizing the phenomenal opportunity of esports in China

Serena Wu, China Lead Life has been turned upside down by the global pandemic. Organizations and businesses have been forced to adapt at breakneck speed to the new norms of social distancing, ‘working from home’ and of course all things digital. Sporting events across the world ground to a halt with only some leagues just […]

Testing times for CEOs

Jim Chaplin, Chief Executive Officer Many CEOs could be forgiven for feeling in need of a break. It has been an emotional, exhausting, unpredictable and invariably extremely difficult few weeks for those who are charged with running organisations. At the same time, it has also been challenging, rewarding, stimulating and offered the opportunity for many […]

What next for Tourism?

It’s no secret, the global tourism industry is facing significant challenges due to the Co-Vid 19 crisis. And it’s no secret that countries will need even more significant (and smart) tourism strategies to drive recovery. Asia has been hit more than most regions. While in Hong Kong & Singapore tourism may account for 4.5% and […]

In A Time Of “Social Distancing”, We Need To Stay Closer Than Ever

In 30+ years of professional life, I’ve seen the world turn upside down a few times now: October 1987, September 2001, March 2008. Still after more than a decade of pretty much uninterrupted prosperity, the events of the last few weeks have unfolded as quickly and feel as unprecedented as any I’ve ever experienced. It’s […]

Sport businesses need to focus on ethical guidelines or risk damage to the bottom line

Helen Soulsby, Head of APAC, outlines the importance of integrity to sport businesses. I was recently given the impossible task of presenting ‘Integrity 101’ at the Sport Industry Asia conference in Manila. To be frank, I proffered the title of the session, challenging myself to attempt to break down the incredibly complex area of integrity. […]

Rise of the Convergence Trailblazers – SRI identifies new jobs trend

#ConvergenceTrailblazers #Leadership2020 12 February 2020, London – Global Executive Search and Talent Consulting Firm, SRI, today launches new research indicating a new era of cross-industry CEO movement across sports leagues, esports teams, media & entertainment, technology and sporting goods. SRI examined leadership in a sample of the world’s largest 20 companies by revenue[1] in the […]