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Notes from the Metaverse – Big PE joins the fray

As reported yesterday in Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Dealbook Newsletter, bulge-bracket private equity firm, Silver Lake, is leading a $150 million funding round for Genies, an Avatar technology company that provides digital tools to create and sell online characters, clothing, spaces, and social experiences.  Genies, founded in 2017, has attracted other high-profile investors recently including former […]

LPA Search Partners, experts in technology, education and NFP, joins SRI

Led by Anna McCormick Kelch and Willa Perlman, LPA is a woman-owned, North American headquartered, nationally recognized boutique firm. The firm has partners in Chicago, Providence, Asheville, London, Los Angeles and New York, and specializes in recruiting exceptional talent to boards, C-suites and leadership teams. LPA has significant depth of experience across the technology sector […]

Interview: What is organisational design and how can it benefit your organisation?

Alistair Milner: SRI have worked with a range of different clients on organisational design and each project is unique. Penny, given your experience working with many dozens of companies in this area over the years, how would you describe it? Penny Illston: Any organisation, tiny or enormous, is essentially a group of people coming together […]

Mission Bay has joined SRI to create the world’s leading boutique global media & entertainment executive search practice

Both teams are led by experienced partners; former industry operators with deep expertise in media and entertainment and how technology is affecting their clients’ businesses. Both firms share common values including commitment to always presenting diverse candidate lists and being partner-led. SRI is a global executive search & talent consulting firm which has built significant […]

Giving feedback: Gift or poisoned chalice?

Whether it is given to an individual, a team, or an organisation, feedback should be seen as a gift and therefore the right time and effort should be spent on getting it just right! Done well and the impact will be immeasurable, done poorly and it can become a poisoned chalice. How do you ensure […]

Forget the seven deadly sins – these are the seven ‘wins’ around great feedback…

1. Be timely. close to the event Give feedback as close to the event as possible. It just won’t land if you bottle it all up and wait for the next performance review. In the moment feedback is powerful. Of course, if it has an element of criticism – ensure it’s done in private (praise […]

Walt Disney just appointed a “Chief Metaverse Officer”. Do you need one, too?

Given where we are in the current hype-cycle, from Facebook’s rebranding to Microsoft’s blockbuster Activision deal, you may be thinking that if your company hasn’t begun to stake its claim to the metaverse, you’re already too late. The fact is, what the metaverse is today and what it might become is still wildly unclear. If […]

The power of words: attract a wider and more diverse pool of candidates

One area often overlooked in the hiring process is language, specifically how language used in job descriptions can have an adverse effect on the number of applications an employer will receive. Let’s explore. It may sound obvious but recycling outdated job descriptions and adverts can be extremely damaging, and I’m surprised how often this is […]

SRI bolster Consulting Practice partnering with experienced talent consultants

Dylan Nicholson, Penny Illston and Gabi Harrison further strengthen the company’s commitment to scaling its consulting practice and will increase the breadth and depth of solutions and expertise. “Since formally launching SRI’s Consulting Practice in 2020, we have seen an increase in demand for contemporary consulting services combining functional experience with deep industry knowledge and […]

Attracting talent doesn’t have to be a war

Let’s start by confirming that The War for Talent is not a new idea. The term was coined over 25 years ago by McKinsey and refers to an increasingly competitive landscape for recruiting and retaining talented employees. The truth is that corporations have been vying for top talent for decades and the way to ‘win […]